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I’ll take you from out of control spending, little savings, lots of debt, and a scarcity mindset to managing, keeping, creating money with self-trust, courage & decisiveness.

I am not a stuffy money expert or wall street aficionado.

I am someone who knows what it’s like to be broke and broken. I know what it takes to claw your way out of rock bottom to the top. Dirt under the nails and all.

I am someone who has paid off thousands of dollars of credit debt. Cleaned up my hot money mess. Learned how to control spending after it felt like money was always controlling me. Developed the habit of savings when money felt hard to come by. Strengthened my money mindset to work for me instead of against me.

I’ve gone from financially terrified to confident enough to begin building a million dollar business with the deep belief I am worthy of wealth. All while experiencing joy, ease and helping people along the way doing what I love. 

If you are looking for a stuff shirt financial planner who is only focused on strategy, I am not your gal. 

Most money experts will offer you theories without ever knowing what it’s like to have to buy groceries with a credit card.  Or how it feels to be trapped on the money hamster wheel. 

I’ve been there. Done that. 

And I believe it makes me uniquely qualified to help you.

Writer Whitney Ellis

My biggest money messes have transformed into my most powerful message.  If I can go from broke as a joke to financially empowered, so can you! Your money breakthrough is within reach. You simply must decide you are done living life in constant struggle, and are ready for the next level. 

If I can go from broke as a joke to financially empowered, so can you! Your money breakthrough is within reach.

Whitney Anne Ellis

I help creative, driven women get their financial sh*t together so they can confidently fund their dreams & worry less by guiding them through my intuitive money methods.

If you are looking for a Money Life Coach who will show you simple, straightforward steps that will bring you permanent lasting results. You’ve come to the right place.

I keep it real. No B.S. or fluff.

I’ll teach you doable, actionable money strategies that you can apply to your real life that actually work.

I’ve tested them out myself, and won’t share anything with you that I don’t know first hand.

I’ll show you how to harness your mindset to propel you in a positive direction so you can stop feeling stuck. We’ll also tackle those ole, stubborn limiting beliefs that keep blocking you from  cashflow and reaching new heights.

I’ll provide you with the tools you need to succeed so you are equipped for anything that comes your way.

Let's get to the heart of your money problems right away, because you can no longer afford to wait.

FREE Workshop: Worthy of Wealth

5 Steps to Upgrade Your Money Mindset

If you’ve decided you are DONE riding the financial struggle bus and are ready to change your life, for real this time. That is f*cking amazing! I am so dang proud of you. 💪🔥👏

One of the first steps you can take is to join the FREE live virtual workshop Worthy of Wealth: Upgrade Your Money Mindset.

If you feel like you keep trying to get yourself out of your hot money mess, and nothing seems to work or stick. Then one-on-one support may be your right next step. Especially if you are looking for accelerated, like ASAP. 

If this is you, let’s schedule a call so you can learn about what 1-on-1 Money Life Coaching can do for you.

Money is a mind game, and if you don’t know the rules, you’ll always feel left behind. It’s time to get ahead & I can help you. 💖💰Whitney 

Money Life Coaching

Let's connect & talk it out.

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Client Testimonial for Money Life Coach Whitney Anne Ellis
Client Testimonial for Money Life Coach Whitney Anne Ellis

Money Mindset Support

A Deck of Money Affirmations for Women

52 money-centric affirmation cards intended to increase your self-worth and net worth.
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