Worthy of Wealth

Deep down you know you are DESTINED for more!

You are ready to claim all that you desire.

You are ready to fund that dreamy vacation, quit your 9-5 job, build a business that aligns with your values and leave a lasting legacy for your kiddos.

You want to feel worthy of wealth but don’t know where to begin. 

The problem is that pesky, discouraging voice inside of your head keeps getting in the way of lasting change. 

It says things like: “Seriously, you have made so many money mistakes, you think you are capable of having millions!? You are joking, right? Who do you think you are?”

You believe you are bad at math, numbers, and money and it’s too late. 

You’ve tried to change your life before and it didn’t work. You’ve tried it all! 

Budgeting, cutting down spending, saving but it sucks and eventually you give up or fail! 

The problem isn’t YOU.

The problem is what you don’t know. 

See the thing is everything you know about money is what got you where you are, and if you don’t like where you are, it’s time to grow and learn something new.

Until you upgrade your money mindset all your efforts toward positive money habits will be temporary. 

Like flossing your teeth once before you go to the dentist.

Transforming your money & life is an inside job.

Whitney Anne Ellis

During my FREE live virtual workshop Worthy of Wealth

I will guide your through 5 transformative steps that will take you from feeling not good enough to KNOWING a wealthy life is inevitable. 

You will learn 5 Ways to Change Your Money Mindset to Be Rich.


The #1 thought is that is holding you back financially and what to do about it!


How to shift your focus from lack & scarcity to abundance, even during tough times.

The power of claiming, visualizing, preparing for wealth to enter your life. 

The life cycle of money and how to lose the guilt during highs and lows.

Why it’s important to know your numbers, and how to shed feelings of shame or embarrassment around your bank statements, credit score, revenue reports and net worth. 

You will walk away certain that you can forever change your money story. 

You are destined for SO MUCH, it’s time to claim it and take it. 

And it all starts with upgrading your money mindset.

Are you ready to feel worthy of wealth?

Here is what my clients are saying:

Client Testimonial for Money Life Coach Whitney Anne Ellis
Client Testimonial for Money Life Coach Whitney Anne Ellis
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