12 Best Financial Books That Changed My Life

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Want to know what are the best financial books to read? Looking for a book on how to make money? On the hunt for books like Rich Dad Poor Dad?

Not certain where to begin your financial literacy journey?

In this guide, you will find insider info about the twelve best financial books that changed my life. I have read every single one of them, more than once! Some over a dozen times!

These books have the power to change your financial future if you let them!

What You Need to Know First

I am not a financial advisor. I am a self-educated woman who is determined to be rich!

All the wealth building books on this list have been indispensable to my personal financial growth.

I have read them repetitively over the course of a decade. Putting their recommended money strategies to the real-life test.

They have been key to unlocking my financial confidence and increasing my bank balance. I hope they will help you too!

Money Mindset

#1 THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill

This book is fundamental for anyone who wants to learn about money. It’s the 101-course curriculum on how to get your money mindset right, principles to live by and the qualities one must possess to get really rich. Whether you are just beginning your financial journey or need some inspiration, this book will set you on the right path! I never go anywhere without it! I’ve listened to it thirty-four times since Dec 2020.

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A book told in ancient parables. Arabian nights meets money self-help. This story takes the reader on an epic adventure following a man’s search for gold. We learn along aside him as he makes mistakes and discovers the laws of gold i.e. money. The Richest Man in Babylon has taught me how to be in charge of my money and stop letting it control me! Its simple concepts will have a lasting impact on your financial life if you let it. 

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Forty-five. The number of times I have listened to this audiobook since December 2020. Wow! That’s a lot. It’s because T. Harv Eaker has an incredible ability to inspire and provide practical advice on how to get your money struggle under control. I have since signed up for many of his online paid programs including Millionaire Dollar Business Secrets and Secrets of Inner Power. (It’s worth every penny! Plus it is a tax write-off) Eaker has positively transformed my money mindset and my relationship with money!

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Broke, over forty, and living off tuna, Jen Sincero lays out her struggle with money in a charming and quirky way. She infuses her personal stories with inspirational insights. Her book is less practical tips and more get your money mind right! Sincero made me realize how important it is to confront the things we tell ourselves, especially when it comes to money. 

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I read this financial psychology book while I was on summer vacation and I couldn’t put it down. I spent most of my days on a hammock flipping through these paradigm-shifting pages. This book will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about money and your behavior surrounding it. My favorite part, it delves into how people in the real world make financial decisions. Less about math and economics and more about human behavior.

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Practical Tips


A starter book for anyone who wants to get out of debt, build up their savings, and plan for retirement. The basics of this book can help you get control over your money, especially credit card debt. Ramsey’s snowball debt strategy is worth a read! I have used it myself to become consumer debt free. If you are looking to build wealth, this book isn’t it. Rather it offers the broke, middle class a pathway to creating a healthy financial foundation.

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#7 RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki

After almost twenty years, this book is still relevant and changing lives with its honest approach to busting myths and separating the rich from the poor through anecdotes, real-life lessons, and visual aids. It brings clarity to why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Teaching the key principles of the financial elites. A book like Rich Dad Poor Dad is a must-have for anyone looking to transform from being broke to becoming wealthy.

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#8 THE TAX & LEGAL PLAYBOOK by Mark Kohler

This book saved my life. I am not joking! I owed over $10K in taxes and wept. Then I made a decision that I would educate myself on how to use legal tax strategies to my advantage. Enter Mark Kohler. His book What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You: Life-Changing Tax Strategies is also worth mentioning. If you find yourself in a tax pickle, this book is a great resource for anyone, even if you know nothing about taxes. I have also begun to use his programs and legal assistance as well. Game changer!

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For Business Owners

#9 PROFIT FIRST by Mike Michalowicz

Being a business owner is hard! You have to be creative, resourceful, and tenacious. When it comes to managing your business finances it may be the last thing on your plate. But if you find yourself struggling to pay yourself, keep your business afloat and manage taxes. This book is for you! Any business owner should pick up a copy! I immediately put this book’s practical tips into action. And for the first time, I have actual money in my profit bank account!

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Advanced Strategies

#10 RICH DAD'S GUIDE TO INVESTING by Robert Kiyosaki

This book is for those who have a handle on their current financial situation and are ready to invest! It teaches you the foundational lessons required to move from poor/middle class to rich. Tackling the topics such as the basics of investing, money-making mindset, and what is required to be really rich.

How is it different then Kiyosaki’s other books? It is a more in-depth guide to investment strategies and how to make your money work for you.

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#11 TOTAL WEALTH by Mac Barnes

This book came into my life after I met the author. Mac Barnes is a true master of wealth. He lives a financially lucrative life because of the money-making principles he developed after working years on Wall Street. He created an effective approach to accumulating wealth through long-term investing that anyone can apply to their lives. I love this book because you don’t have to be an investment expert to use index funds to accumulate a million dollars or more in your lifetime.

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#12 TAX-FREE WEALTH by Tom Wheelwright

Hate talking about debt and taxes? Wealth cannot be created and sustained without having first-hand knowledge of taxes. Period. So if you want to be rich then you are going to have to learn about taxes and Tom Wheelwright is your guy! This book sits next to my nightstand. I read it frequently. It’s my trusty guide toward wealth building as I learn to develop smarter tax strategies. I now know more about taxes than I ever did. I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to stop being afraid of the “tax man.”

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