5 Best Things to Think About Before Quitting

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Girl in front of computer exhausted wants to quit

It’s “taboo” to talk about quitting, whether it’s “quiet quitting” or real quitting.

It’s a hard choice. 

Especially in a society that values winning and succeeding above all else.

Don’t get me wrong.

I believe in pushing hard for what you want.

Hustling even when it hurts or it’s difficult.

Going beyond your limits.

Giving it 110%

Yet…there is equal power in quitting and as there is in winning or “sticking with it.”

There is equal power in quitting and as there is in winning or “sticking with it.”

Sometimes quitting can give you a new life, free you from negative situations and people, and so much more!

  • I quit dating bad boys and found the true love of my life. 
  • I quit eating gluten and gained control over my health. 
  • I quit a job after a monster boss verbally assaulted me and got my peace back. 

Are you ready to quit something you started but aren’t sure if it’s the right decision? 

Considering “quiet quitting” your job? 

Think quitting is the answer to burnout? 

Life isn’t a race track, with one direction and one finish line. 

It’s a mountain range, with hills, valleys, peaks, unpredictable weather, deterrents, and everything in between. 

So how do you know when an endeavor is worth finishing?

Or whether it’s FINALLY time to call it quits? 

I will share the best five things you should think about before quitting anything. 

It applies whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end stages of a job, a relationship, or a project. 

But first…

What is quiet quitting?

Before quitting anything comes unhappiness, discomfort, or downright discontent. 

Then the quiet quitting settles in. 

Your energy and mood shift.

You secretly or outrightly don’t give a f*ck. 

You start answering the phone less enthusiastically.

Showing up to work late.

Avoiding certain people or honest conversations. 

You quietly quit before officially throwing in the towel. We’ve all done it!

It’s a clear sign of dissatisfaction. The gray clouds before the storm. 

Quiet quitting doesn't involve quitting. Instead, it has been deemed a response to hustle culture and burnout; employees are "quitting" going above and beyond and declining to do tasks they are not being paid for.

What do you think of 'quiet quitting'?

I believe quiet quitting reflects people’s inherent need to feel valued. 

To live a life that is both meaningful and purposeful.

And if those needs aren’t met there is a backlash. 

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Why is “quiet quitting” even a thing?

The pandemic rattled us all!

It revealed how replaceable or “inessential” some of us were in the workforce.

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And how a “day job” isn’t a guarantee of financial stability. 

Those who maintained being in the workforce during the height of the pandemic, soon found their personal boundaries stepped on while working from home.

Whether it was a late-night text from the boss. 

Or a request to send an email while making dinner.

If your job doesn’t bring you joy.

If it feels more like a grind without any reward, recognition, or appreciation. 

Discontent is bound to happen.

This is compiled with the fact that your personal time isn’t respected. 

The time that you can devote to a side hustle, dream project, or your family. 

ENTERS the desire to quit.

Because quitting equals relief. 

A new beginning. Stopping something that is making you feel miserable. 

“Is frustration, or any other negative emotion, useful or worthwhile? Hell yes. Every emotion felt is valuable. The trick is to actually feel it- and to fully accept it. Judging ourselves for feeling less than outstanding, or for being adrift from our divinity for a minute, or several months, only keep us locked in those negative states. If we’re condemning it, we’re creating stuckness. When we wipe the residue of judgment off the lens, we can see where more positive options are waiting for us.

So, what can I do instead of quitting?

Before you quit, put your reasons through the five-point test.


Do you remember why you said yes in the first place? 

Yes to the paying gig, to going on a blind date, or joining your HOA. 

If you DON’T know YOUR WHY then you are most likely lost, confused, or burnt out.

Know your WHY before you say YES to ANY commitment.

Every YES in your life comes at a HIGH PRICE

You agree to give up your time, energy, and valuable resources.

You are also saying NO to the alternatives.

Quote by Whitney Anne Ellis

If you have already said yes, and you are in the middle of a project or job you hate.

Then remind yourself why you agreed to do it.

Is it because you need the money? 

Or because the painstaking project will help you achieve your long-term goals?

Weigh the WHY against your current circumstances. 


Considering the cost goes hand in hand with knowing why. 

What’s the price of your choice? 

  • Is the fast-paced job with insane deadlines costing you your health? 
  • Does getting a dog mean increasing your budget and patience?
  • Is the book you are writing no longer a source of inspiration? 

Make a pro/con list.

Write down what you are gaining and losing from your present situation. 

Then evaluate the price you will pay if you leave vs. staying.

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What does the finish line look like for you? 

Take 1, 5, 10 minutes. 

Close your eyes and visualize it.

Use your mind’s eye.

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Where are you? What do you see, hear, or smell? Who are you with? How do you feel, look, and act? 

Take your time.

Anchor into these thoughts. 

Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the visualization of you reaching your highest potential.

Now open your eyes.

In what ways is your present situation helping or hindering you from reaching YOUR finish line? 

  • Is your job teaching you the skillset you need to become the CEO of your own company someday? 
  • Is starting a budget the first step you need to take to become rich enough to live by the beach at age forty-five?
  • Is writing blog posts weekly going to help you become a full-time author?

Your finish line is yours and no one else. 

Your dreams, desires, and what you imagine are vitally important.

Don’t disregard it.

Lean into it and trust that you can make the right choices for your future. 


Close your eyes again. 

Visualize your finish line but this time synch into the feeling.

It may take some time to tap into your emotions but it will be worth it. So be patient.

If you need to listen to music to get some inspiration. Do it.

Let the beautiful feelings wash over you. Once they do and open your eyes.

What are the first three words that come up when you think about what you were feeling?

Joy, peace, abundance, love, ease, inspiration, etc. 

How can you bring that feeling into your life now? 

What can you do about it?  

What changes do you need to make in your situation to get closer to that desired vibration? 

"You're not chasing the goal itself, you're chasing the feelings that you hope attaining those goals will give you."

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Asking yourself what is the alternative can lead to a startling realization.

It did for me!

So many times when I wanted to give up on writing. 

My mother would say to me, “what’s the alternative?” 

This question would stop me dead in my tracks.

There is no alternative. I can’t imagine a life without creating and writing.

But ask me what the alternative is to dating a total douchebag, and the answer is landing a great guy that treats me like a queen.

So, what are the alternatives to quitting? 

The good, bad and ugly.

Would quitting mean you would be broke?

Or that you can finally start that small business you have been dreaming about? 

Consider the risks and rewards.

Then leap forward.

But don’t forget to ask the following:

  • Why did you say yes in the first place? 
  • What is the cost of quitting or staying? 
  • What does the finish line look like for YOU?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What is the alternative?

Only you can decide what is best for your life and which direction to go.

Hopefully, these five things will help you to live a life you love now! 

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