Overcome Awful Financial Stress and Feel Positively Powerful

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Are you afraid to look at your bank balance? 

Don’t want to open your credit card statement?

Scared to log into your accounts? 

I get it!

I know what it is like to avoid money problems. I used to do it all the time.

The more I avoided it. The more financially stressed I became. 

The more my fiances and I started to spin out of control. 

Before I knew it I was feeling powerless, depressed, and like a victim of my circumstances.

If this sounds like you and you find yourself avoiding money problems. 

Read on…

What causes financial stress?


When you avoid your money problems, you magnify them. 

Your financial stress multiples. 

You begin to feel weaker.

Less capable.


Your finances feel out of your control.

Suddenly you’ve made a mountain out of a molehill and are having a full-blown pity party.

Avoidance begets avoidance. The longer you avoid the worse it gets. 

  • The bills pile up.
  • The bank fees add up. 
  • The IRS sends you a scary letter.

You may feel like you’re drowning in a deep ocean, but you are actually paddling in one foot of water like this kid.

How do you deal with financial stress?

Action is the opposite of avoidance. 

You take action. Right freaking now. 

I am not joking. 

Do something that will positively change your situation.

I don’t care how small it is.

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It could be a simple action.

  • Opening a credit statement and looking at it.
  • Downloading a budget app.
  • Calling your loan provider to ask for a payment plan.
  • Hiring a CPA to help you untangle a mess.

After you take one action. Take another action.

Keep moving.

Keep the momentum going. 

Small actions create momentum, momentum produces change over time.

Inspiring quotes by Whitney Anne Ellis
  • You are not helpless.
  • You are not weak.
  • You are not powerless over your situation. 
  • You are not a victim of your financial circumstances.

Repeat after me.

I can handle anything that comes my way.

No matter if it’s big or small. Taking action in my life makes me feel powerful. And feeling powerful feels great!

I do the next right thing even when I don’t feel like it.

I made financial mistakes in the past. I forgive myself. It is now time to move forward. I am in control of my money. My money doesn't control me.

I have complete faith that I can overcome any problem. I am strong.

What if you are too scared to deal with financial stress?

In the words of Susan Jeffers, “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.”

Jeffers wrote an excellent book on the subject of overcoming fears. I highly recommend it!

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“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.”

Whether you are rich or poor, you will always have problems. 

Mo Money More Problems. No Money More Problems. 

How you deal with problems dictates the kind of person you are and the life you will lead. 

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Avoiding creates more financial loss in your life. 

Facing financial challenges and learning from them gives you financial confidence. 

The confidence required to accept more abundance into your life.

You are more capable than you think you are.

All you gotta do is take action! 

Action is what will move you from feeling disempowered to empowered.

You can overcome awful financial stress and mistakes.  

Feel powerful right now and do the next right thing. 

No matter how scared you are. 

No more avoiding. Only doing!

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