My Guest Appearance on “Everyone’s Talkin’ Money” Podcast

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I recently had a virtual sit down with Shannah Game to discuss the hot topic of money on her podcast “Everyone’s Talkin’ Money.”

According to the show’s website, Shannah’s podcast reaches 164 countries, has had over 23+ million downloads, and is close to the 1000-episode mark. It’s also been named a Top 4 Money Podcast according to the New York Times.

WOW! Impressive to say the least.

When the opportunity arose for me to be on the show, I was beyond thrilled.

It is my passion to get to the heart of money matters and Shannah doesn’t shy away from talking about all things money, including the uncomfortable stuff.

The show’s motto is “It’s time to unf*ck your relationship with money! Through life-changing money conversations, you’ll get rid of the rules, drop your mistakes at the door and step into a new way to money.”

I’ve had a f*cked-up relationship with money for years, that is until I decided it was time to rewrite my money story and to help others along the way.

In this podcast episode, you will learn about money myths that might be holding you back from reaching your highest potential and what you can do about them.

I share my rock-bottom story, the money myths that bug me the most, and how we can flip the script, and change our lives one small step at a time.

Check it out!

Listen Now:

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Xo Whitney Anne Ellis

P.S. I am a Life Coach who helps people with their money problems by providing accountability, and one-on-one support without the B.S.

We get to the heart of your money issues. So you can start healing and living out your dreams without financial worry for the rest of your life.

Today, I am personally inviting you to join The Money Reset.

A 90-day program that will take you from feeling financially powerless to empowered.

You’ll not only learn how to manage money anxiety, but you’ll begin to create positive lasting change that you never thought was possible.

Are You Finally Ready to Rewrite Your Money Story?

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